Overwhelmed by your to-do list?

Could you use some coaching?

Do you struggle with emotional road blocks?

We have a Solution! 

An Affordable Group Coaching and Mentoring Program

Momentum Mentors is an online membership community that provides an affordable group coaching and mentoring program for you, the entrepreneur or small business owner. We offer the latest tools and strategies as well as access to a variety of professionals to help you build your business. In addition we provide the often overlooked support and encouragement you need when you are challenged by limiting beliefs and emotional issues that are interrupting your momentum.
Our comprehensive group coaching and mentoring program is accessible to you throughout the year regardless of when you join.


Who Should Join?

Everyone who owns his or her own business and works on their own, such as :

  • Professional service providers
  • Independent contractors
  • Multi-level marketers
  • Writers/artists/photographers
  • Anyone self-employed
  • Owners of small businesses


Only $1 a day - what else can you buy for that?

Mentor Support Teams

Upcoming Events


EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Mentor Support Teams

How many of the following momentum busters have you experienced?

By joining us you have the support of an online community who is here when:

  • Overwhelm
  • Conflicting priorities
  • Unsupportive relationships
  • Sabotaging self talk
  • Technology challenges
  • Health issues
  • Failures and rejection
  • Inexperience and uncertainty
  • Lack of support
  • You feel stressed or out of energy
  • You have lost focus or have become unmotivated
  • You feel uninspired
  • You need moral support
  • You need advice, problem solving or a new idea
  • You need strategies and how to implement them

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 Membership fees

Free 30-day trial membership

$29.99 per month if paid monthly

$288.00 Annual membership (20% discount)

Why not join us? At $29.99 a month you have little to lose
and absolutely everything to gain, all for $1 a day.
(What else could you buy for $1 a day that would provide this much value? A dollar a day won’t even buy you a cup of coffee!)