What is EFT?

The  method we use for all our support sessions and workshops, and that we teach you to use for yourself is EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique (frequently referred to as tapping.)  Considered to be on the leading edge of energy healing therapies, it is highly effective and easy to learn.  In just a few years EFT has become recognized and widely accepted by both lay people and professionals around the world. EFT tapping works on the same body meridians as traditional acupuncture but without needles. Instead, meridians are stimulated simply by tapping on them lightly with the fingers. Tapping key points while repeating a carefully crafted pattern of words and phrases reaches the subconscious mind on a very deep level, enabling remarkable changes to be made.

On the journey to successful self-employment, we’re constantly being challenged to step outside our comfort zone, and this can be stressful and scary at times. EFT is a powerful tool that can be effectively used by entrepreneurs to keep fears at bay and change limiting beliefs that often hold us back and keep us hiding behind our computers. EFT offers a quick and easy way to relieve anxiety and overwhelm, and  has been shown to lower cortisol levels in the body, turn down our stress response, and keep us more grounded. For a more detailed explanation of EFT and how it works, Click for more information