What is this course about?
What does it mean to live and work “in alignment?”  It simply means that your values, head and heart are all lined up together and are working in harmony with your business goals. In other words, you are going with the flow and are “in the zone.”
 Alignment is a key ingredient to success in business. When your head and heart are in alignment you have momentum.  All the pieces of your life fit together. Everything seems to move forward effortlessly: work gets done, positive things happen, customers are happy and goals are reached. When you get on a roll, momentum increases, which creates motivation. In turn, motivation creates opportunity and opportunity creates results.
But just like a puzzle, without all its pieces the picture is incomplete. When our values are not in alignment with our work or business—something is missing. The result can manifest in various ways:  physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and/or energetically. There is a conflict between what we think and what our heart knows. The more out of alignment we feel, the more inner conflict we are likely to experience , which can show up in any number of ways. It can manifest as self-defeating behaviors such as  procrastination, lethargy, indifference, laziness or inability to stay focused and on task. Emotionally it can show up as irritability, frustration, boredom, self doubt, fear or uncertainty. It can feel like invisible forces are throwing up roadblocks and closing doors.
That is the purpose of this course: to help you remove your mental roadblocks and bring all the pieces of your life and business together into a unified whole that works in alignment.  Our intention is to help entrepreneurs like you keep your momentum going and all the pieces intact, regardless of whatever life or your business throws you.