Mastering and Maintaining Momentum:

An Entrepreneur’s Guide to
Living and Working in Alignment
(A downloadable, self paced 15 Module Course)

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What does it mean to live and work “in alignment?”

It simply means that your values, head and heart are all lined up together and are working in harmony with your business goals. In other words, you are going with the flow and are “in the zone.” 

Alignment is a key ingredient to success in both life and business. Being out of alignment feels like invisible forces are throwing up roadblocks and closing doors. That is the purpose of this foundational course:to help you identify and remove mental roadblocks and bring all the pieces of your life and business together into a unified whole that works in alignment.

There are 15 modules in the course.

Each addresses issues commonly faced by entrepreneurs, and provides methods and approaches to counteract or manage them. They are intended to help entrepreneurs like you keep your momentum going, regardless of whatever challenges your life or business throws at you.

Module 1 Creating or Re-creating Momentum
Module 2 The Why of Your Business
Module 3 Improving Self Image and Self Awareness
Module 4 Releasing Fears
Module 5 Eliminating Negative Beliefs
Module 6 Overcoming Sabotaging Habits
Module 7 Attracting Money and Greater Prosperity
Module 8 Managing Stress
Module 9 Making the Most of Time and Timing
Module 10 Establishing Solid Relationships
Module 11Communicating Effectively
Module 12 Combining Spirituality and Business
Module 13 Reaching Your True Potential
Module 14 Navigating through Change
Module 15 Maintaining Momentum

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